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Inventek Systems Introduction
Inventek Systems - Inventek Systems is USA-based, full-service wireless modular solutions provider. Inventek is focused on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (BT), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Near Field Communications (NFC), GPS, Combo Wireless Radios, Broadcom's WICED platforms and RF Antennas. Inventek is a market leader in wireless performance, ease of use and custom solutions for embedded connectivity within M2M and IoT/Cloud-ready applications. +More Markets Served
  • Embedded Wi-Fi
  • Embedded BT
  • Embedded BLE
  • Embedded NFC
  • Embedded GPS
  • Embedded RF Antennas
  • Broadcom WICED Platform
  • M2M Applications
  • IoT Applications
  • Cloud Services
  • Sensor Fusion
  • Custom Wireless Solutions
  • Linux/Android Support
Inventek Systems Products