Structural, Motion Hardware

Image Part Number Description Manufacturer Quantity Add to RFQ List
ROB-13063 ROB-13063

SLIP RING - 3 WIRE 10A SparkFun Electronics 2199pcs Stock
1178 1178

RADIAL BALL BEARING 608ZZ 4PK Adafruit Industries LLC 9476pcs Stock
4006221 4006221

SLOT STONE R 30MM M6 Rose+Krieger 29401pcs Stock
4026221 4026221

SLOT STONE R 40MM M6 Rose+Krieger 25330pcs Stock
FIT0007 FIT0007

METAL BALL CASTERS DFRobot 24302pcs Stock
ROB-12251 ROB-12251

SHAFT COUPLER 1/4 TO 1/4 SparkFun Electronics 13198pcs Stock
ROB-12325 ROB-12325

SHAFT COUPLER 1/4 TO 5MM SparkFun Electronics 13198pcs Stock
ROB-13064 ROB-13064

SLIP RING - 6 WIRE 2A SparkFun Electronics 4405pcs Stock
ROB-13065 ROB-13065

SLIP RING - 12 WIRE 2A SparkFun Electronics 3301pcs Stock
721-00002 721-00002

RUBBER BAND TIRE FOR 721-00001 Parallax Inc. 506616pcs Stock
3763 3763

THIN WHITE WHEEL FOR TT DC GEARB Adafruit Industries LLC 43906pcs Stock
1196 1196

SLIP RING FLANGE 22MM DIA 12WIRE Adafruit Industries LLC 3301pcs Stock
PRT-10228 PRT-10228

ANGLE BRACKET 440 SparkFun Electronics 131720pcs Stock
2545 2545

90MM BLUE THREE BLADE PROPELLER Kitronik Ltd. 82325pcs Stock
4006713 4006713

SLOT STONE F 40MM M5 Rose+Krieger 46056pcs Stock
4006712 4006712

SLOT STONE F 30MM M6 Rose+Krieger 46056pcs Stock
4006711 4006711

SLOT STONE F 30MM M5 Rose+Krieger 46056pcs Stock
4006714 4006714

SLOT STONE F 40MM M6 Rose+Krieger 46056pcs Stock
4006715 4006715

SLOT STONE F 40MM M4 Rose+Krieger 46056pcs Stock
4006716 4006716

SLOT STONE F 30MM M4 Rose+Krieger 46056pcs Stock
4010421 4010421

PLASTIC END CAP 40MM BLACK Rose+Krieger 40906pcs Stock
4026206 4026206

SLOT STONE N 40MM M8 Rose+Krieger 35032pcs Stock
4026207 4026207

SLOT STONE N 40MM M5 Rose+Krieger 35032pcs Stock
4026203 4026203

SLOT STONE N 40MM M6 Rose+Krieger 35032pcs Stock
4006201 4006201

SLOT STONE N 30MM M5 Rose+Krieger 35032pcs Stock
4006202 4006202

SLOT STONE N 30MM M8 Rose+Krieger 35032pcs Stock
FIT0523 FIT0523

COPPER COUPLING 4MM DFRobot 31970pcs Stock
4016213 4016213

SLOT STONE K 40MM M8 Rose+Krieger 29401pcs Stock
4016212 4016212

SLOT STONE K 40MM M6 Rose+Krieger 29401pcs Stock
4016201 4016201

HAMMERHEAD BOLT 40MM M8X25 WIT Rose+Krieger 28266pcs Stock
4030421 4030421

PLASTIC END CAP 40X80MM BLACK Rose+Krieger 28145pcs Stock
4026208 4026208

FIXATION SET TYPE N T-NUT WASHE Rose+Krieger 26239pcs Stock
4026222 4026222

SLOT STONE R 40MM M8 Rose+Krieger 25330pcs Stock
4026202 4026202

FIXATION SET TYPE N T-NUT WASHE Rose+Krieger 24483pcs Stock
4024111 4024111

FIXATION SET TYPE K T-NUT WASHE Rose+Krieger 22788pcs Stock
FIT0160 FIT0160

93800 93800

HARDWARE SET FOR STAIR RAILING S Rose+Krieger 14968pcs Stock
4004101 4004101

ANGLE BRACKET 30MM 2 SIDES Rose+Krieger 13332pcs Stock
ROB-12501 ROB-12501

SERVO COUPLER STD SparkFun Electronics 13198pcs Stock
ROB-12136 ROB-12136

SHAFT COUPLER 1/8 TO 1/8 SparkFun Electronics 13198pcs Stock
85001 85001

D SHAFT 4X56MM 4PC Makeblock Co., LTD. 13198pcs Stock
84044 84044

FULLY THREADED ROD PAIR Makeblock Co., LTD. 13198pcs Stock
83700 83700

04C 10T SPROCKET Makeblock Co., LTD. 13198pcs Stock
83040 83040

TIMING BELT 123TPAIR Makeblock Co., LTD. 13198pcs Stock
60018 60018

SLIDE BEAM0824-080-BLUE PAIR Makeblock Co., LTD. 13198pcs Stock
60508 60508

BEAM0808-040-A-BLUE 4PC Makeblock Co., LTD. 13198pcs Stock
60701 60701

BEAM0412-036-BLUE 4PC Makeblock Co., LTD. 13198pcs Stock
60826 60826

SLIDE BEAM2424-120-BLUE Makeblock Co., LTD. 13198pcs Stock
61236 61236

PLATE 0324-088-BLUE PAIR Makeblock Co., LTD. 13198pcs Stock
4014101 4014101

ANGLE BRACKET 40MM 1 SIDE Rose+Krieger 12287pcs Stock